Our plans


  • You can add bonus assignments
  • Create your own partylevels
  • Add your own social questions in Gotcha!



  • All of the above, and:
  • Get your own subdomain
  • You can add and edit your own puzzles
  • You can take into account where and when players are available
  • You can choose what type of hints you provide in the quiz games



  • All of the above, and:
  • Full set of admin rights
  • Dashboard and export of userdata for your own data analysis
  • Customized translation in English and Dutch
  • Customized theme and layout



For all levels we deliver standard technical support. Included

Customization credits
If desired we can provide a gamemaster / administrator to help you run the game at your conference or help you set up the game.
This is not included in the contracts as described above.

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