The Conference Game

In The Conference Game participants are invited to play an Alternate Reality Game and earn points for the final party, conference dinner, or whatever reward you decide on.

To earn points the players (your conference-participants) look each other up, and play minigames together. In the Detective Collective  theme they are detectives and search for their targets.

Once the target is identified, the detective asks for the unique code, and starts a small conversation.
A lead question for the conversation is provided by the game .

When two detectives are connected, they become “friends” and can start playing minigames together. By doing so they earn points for the final reward, e.g. a conference party or final dinner.

Next to these standard features the conference organizer can add extra activities and challenges.
For instance, you can decide to reward extra points

  • if 95% is present on time
  • to the participant with the most colorful poster
  • To a group of 10 participants who sing the national anthem
  • To every employee who makes the CEO laugh