The Admin Tool

TheConferenceGame comes with an elaborate administrator tool.

The tool can be accessed from a mobile phone or from a computer. Just like the game the administrator tool runs in any internetbrowser

When you run TheConferenceGame, you can enter the administrator tool yourself.

As the administrator you are the  gamemaster and you can tweak the game I  many ways and adjust it to the special needs of your conference.

To start with the administrator chooses the name of the subdomain to be used for the conference:

Questions and puzzles

As administrator you can edit the questions the detectives discuss about when they locate each other.
You can choose for questions that help start an informal conversation. E.g. “name something that you both have learned from your father.”, but you an also choose to ask something you want to know as a manager. Like “What is biggest hurdle you experience in your day to day job”.

The answers to these questions can be shown or hidden in the friends list, and the can be accessed by the administrator.

The administrator can also add, edit, or delete puzzles from the Contrabande or Wordmurder.


The administrator describes the levels are available for the final party, the grande finale. And how many points are needed to unlock the levels.

Bonus assignements

The administrator can add bonus-assignments  to the game